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Our purpose: Articles of incorporation.

The Association of Poinciana Villages is a non-profit civic organization organized and operated exclusively for the promotion of the health, safety, common good, general convenience and social welfare of the Owners and residents of property in Poinciana Subdivision. The APV was formed to provide for the maintenance, efficient operation, preservation and extension of the Common Areas in all the portions and areas of Poinciana Subdivision. According to our Articles on Incorporation, the charter of APV is:

1- To serve the common needs of the Owners and residents of property in all of the Villages of Poinciana Subdivision, wherever required, in Polk or Osceola County, Florida, where such activities, services, community improvements and facilities are created for the benefit of, and which serve, the Owners and residents of property of the Poinciana Subdivision.

2- To operate and maintain any and all facilities and own or lease all property, and create all community services which the APV may acquire or establish for the use and benefit of all or some members of each Village Association.

3- To exercise all powers and privileges and perform all duties and obligations of the APV set forth and authorized in the Declaration, and as amended from time to time, as to facilities, improvements and services made available for the equal benefit, enjoyment and to be equally supported by all members of all individual Village Associations.

4- Through the APV Board, to fix and determine, from time to time, the Assessments and charges necessary and adequate to provide for the payment of the items referred to in the Declaration, and adopted by the APV; to assess all Owners their portion of the costs thereof as provided in the Declaration; and to provide for the collection of such Assessments and charges and further to apply such funds collected to the common purposes as recited in the Declaration; and for all purposes of the APV, to raise money for the maintenance or construction of any Poinciana Subdivision community facility, or health and other social or planning services which the APV proposes to provide for the general benefit of Owners. Such services shall be supported, financially, by means of collection of dues or special assessments authorized by the APV to provide, operate, maintain and supervise the use of any such facilities or services from the collections of such dues or assessments paid, including the power to construct any improvements or facilities upon any lands owned, leased or controlled by the APV or subsequently acquired by the APV, at any time in the future.

5- In addition to all of its generally authorized powers, and without limitation thereon, the facilities, services, functions and purposes which the APV may authorize and support, there shall be included the right to support facilities in mass transportation, hospitals, clinics and other health services, community centers, parks and related functions, educational and communication activities, trash and refuse collection and processing, sidewalk installation and construction, public utility services, cemetery management, architectural design and standards for all buildings, fences, structures, signs, tree planting and right to restrict removal or cutting of plants and trees naturally indigenous to Polk and Osceola Counties. Furthermore, the APV shall have the power to issue fines, as provided by the Florida Statutes, for any violation of the Declaration and the DCB Criteria.

6- To acquire by purchase, gift or otherwise; and to own, hold, improve, build upon, operate, maintain, sell, convey, dispose, lease, transfer, dedicate for use, or otherwise apply to, ownership of real or personal property to any use in connection with the affairs of the APV.

7- To solicit, receive, assess and collect, or accept donation of money or property or any interest in property, or any right or rights from an person, corporation or entity, and otherwise to have the further power to obtain funds by borrowing or otherwise becoming indebted to others, and mortgaging, pledging or hypothecating any or all of its real or personal property or any of it assets as security for the repayment of money borrowed or debts incurred at any time, whether pre-existing or currently incurred, or as security for obligations in the future.

8- To enter into agreements whereby it acquires the right for all the Poinciana Subdivision members and occupants to use Common Areas, recreational and other facilities, and to contract with any third party for the management of recreational and other facilities and Common Areas which may be owned, leased, or use by the APV.

9- To engage in and sponsor civic activities relating to cultural, educational, social, health, community services and civic affairs of the owners of property in, or residents of, the property of Poinciana Subdivision as a whole, and to appear before and represent its Members in or before other civic groups, boards or other like organizations, and to sponsor, engage in, conduct and encourage cultural, educational, social, civic and other beneficial activities on any property in Poinciana Subdivision.

10- To enforce all rules and regulations established and promulgated by the APV in order to create uniform high quality standards of construction and architectural and structural design of buildings in Poinciana Subdivision, appearance of properties, signs, preservation of trees indigenous to Poinciana Subdivision, tree cutting and removal, and its natural terrain, elevation and earth contours, height, design and placement of fences, archaeological and historical artifacts, all dedicated to preserving the beauty of the general community of Poinciana Subdivision.

11- To have any and all rights and powers to exercise, to the extent necessary or desirable, for the accomplishment of the aforesaid purposes, all to the extent that they are not inconsistent with the purposes of the APV. The APV shall have all other powers and rights set forth and described in Chapters 617 and 720 of the Florida Statutes, as amended from time to time, applicable to corporation formed not for profit.

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