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APV’s LifeStyles Events page is your one-stop-shop for information on upcoming larger-scale events for residents of all ages. APV typically plans 10 to 12 of these events throughout the year, which include celebrations of major holidays such as our Annual Easter Egg Hunt and 4th of July Fireworks Celebration. Residents look forward to these events as a venue to gather with neighbors, make new friends and lasting memories.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming events, please contact APV LifeStyles Events Coordinator John Kraivec at (863)427-3417, ext. 502. For general questions about events, you can also contact The Community Center at (863)427-3417.

Residents looking for information regarding ongoing activities and clubs within the community, please visit the LifeStyles Activities tab by clicking here


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Association of Poinciana Villages

2017 Poinciana Beautiful Home of the Year Project

We are very proud of our community and how it has stepped up to say “We are Poinciana Beautiful!” So far we have received well over 100 entries and there is still time to enter. If you received an invite on your door to participate, that means one of our staff members thinks your home has a real chance of becoming the Poinciana Home of the Year in your village. Simply sign the form and drop it off, or send it in to complete your entry. You may include pictures as well. Digital photos can be emailed to or to, and will be added to the pictures already taken by our staff.

The Association of Poinciana Villages Beautification Team is doing their part to keep Poinciana beautiful. From the landscaping around the community buildings to the playgrounds where your children play, we want everyone to take pride in Poinciana. Remember to always do your part in keeping Poinciana beautiful by putting trash in its proper containers. This helps everyone be a winner by showing pride in your community and raising the value of your property!

The Association of Poinciana Villages and its LifeStyle Team are busy planning this year’s Awards Gala, which will be held at the end of January after all the voting is complete. As always, our goal is to make this year’s celebration even bigger and better than last year.

To become a sponsor or to present a table at this year’s Gala, please contact Trish Moore at .



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